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OEM ODM Electric Scooter 25.2V Lithium ion Battery

25.2V 2.0-10.Ah Lithium ion Battery



1. High capacity and light weight. Prolong your equipment's working time.


2. Long cycle life, more than600 charge/discharge cycles ( 80% capacity remained ).


3. Good safety performance. All battery pack is with a built-in BMS, which protect the battery from over charge, over discharge, short circuit...


4. OEM /ODM production service is available, also can make prototype design.


5. Widely using temperature range, can be operated in -20°C~+60°C.


6. Lithium batteries are environmentally friendly and pollutant free power, it's without mercury, cadmium,lead and other heavy metals.


We assemble lithium ion battery packs with customized capacity, voltage, size, BMS for almost all low speed electric vehicles, such as electric bicycles, scooter, hoverboard, motorcycle, wheelchair... 


1. Battery Cell 

All of our cells are grade A of brand battery as we promised, we promise never use grade B or C.

2. BMS Protection board

Our batteries all with high quality BMS, with stable performance.Which can protect the battery avoid short circuit,Overcharged,Over discharging and Over current. 


We choose high performance charger with built-in cooling fan,which is better and safer to ensure the charge safe and circle life of battery. 

4.Nickel strap and Stand 

We use the qualified nickel strap,ensure the safety and long circle life of battery. For the high power battery we use ABS stand.

GOLDEN DRAGON battery brand belong to Shenzhen Unite-fortune Development Co., Ltd, we are one of the largest battery factory in China. We have 20 sets of SMT machines, 14 sets of 200-500 tons hydraulic machines, 70 sets of 25-250 tons Stamping Equipments, 28 sets of 200-1000 tons injection as well as CNC machines with over 1000 staffs factory.  As for OEM/ODM Battery Service, We take the quality and safety of battery solutions at first place, developed our own BMS, use famous brand battery cells such LG, Samsung, Panasonic, BYD, CATL to make our battery solutions. The OEM/ODM Escooter Battery is one of our main business service, we have our own R&D department with over 20 staffs to serve your OEM/ODM requests. We can provide 24V-72V scooter high-end battery solutions with different brand cells, welcome to contact us for long-term cooperation.


Lithium Ion Battery (LiNiCoMnO2)/LiFePo4

Nominal Voltage

3.2V-72V As your demand

Nominal Capacity

12Ah/ 15Ah/ 20Ah/ 26Ah/ 30Ah/ 40Ah/ 50Ah/ 60Ah/ 80Ah OEM


Cell Assembly

18650 cell/ Samsung cell/ LG cell/ Panasonic cell/ Sanyo cell

Capacity can be customized as your demand.


Built-in BMS

Over-charge & discharge protection.
Temperature control function.
Short circuit protection.
Balance the cells and ensures long cell life.




Charge Model


Charge Current


BMS Charge Cut-off Voltage


Cell Overcharge Protection Voltage

4.2V / Cell





Max Continuous Discharge Current


Peak Discharge Current


BMS Discharge Cut-off Voltage


Cell Over-discharge Protection Voltage

2.75V / Cell


Working Temperature

Charge Temperature Range


Discharge Temperature Range


Cycle Life

800~1000 cycles For NCM/>2000 cycles For LiFePo4

Our certifications

As the requirement


Customized as your requirement.


Depend on the OEM/ODM battery


E Bike, Scooter, Motorcycle, AGV, Golf craft, EV, Inverter, Robot


12 Months

Part Included

1× Battery